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Welcome to the City of Dallas City GIS Services (Enterprise GIS) Shapefiles Download page. Here you will find links to download commonly requested data sets, as well as information about data that the City does not offer for download.

The data is distributed in ZIP archives which contain ESRI shapefiles. For information about the shapefile data format, please consult the ESRI White Paper on the subject.

Please not this important disclaimer statement that applies to all data produced and or distributed by the City of Dallas GIS Services Division:

The accuracy is not to be taken / used as data produced by a Registered Professional Land Surveyor for the State of Texas. For this level of detail, supervision and certification of the produced data by a Registered Land Surveyor for the State of Texas would be required.

This product is for informational purposes and may not have been prepared for or be suitable for legal, engineering, or surveying purposes. It does not represent an on-the-ground survey and represents only the approximate relative location of property boundaries. (Texas Government Code ยง 2051.102)

City of Dallas REST Services

City GIS Services also publishes REST services for many data sets which may be used for application development.

Please, note: City GIS Services does not provide support for any use of these services.

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City of Dallas ArcGIS Online

City of Dallas Streets

Tax Parcels and Appraisal Data

This data procuct is a combination of data from the five appraisal districts and is only updated once a year. These disparate datasets are combined together and an attempt was made to bring it into a single schema. Note: the City of Dallas does not warranty the accuracy of this data.

Tax appraisal data is maintained by County Appraisal Districts. The City of Dallas is part of five different counties. To obtain the source data and use the parcel data set, it will be necessary to contact the county appraisal districts directly.

City Limits and Service Areas

City Council Districts

Planimetric Data

Planning + Urban Design

Parks and Recreation


Cultural Affairs

Sustainable Development & Construction (Zoning)

City of Dallas Zoning Information changes frequently. The City provides online services in the form of an Interactive website and an ArcGIS web REST service than can be consumed by ArcGIS client software

Dallas Zoning Interactive Website - for users of Internet Explorer, this site works best in 'Compatibility View' (from the tools menu, Select Compatibility View). The disclaimer dialog must be accepted before the site can be accessed.

Dallas Public Zoning Rest Service - for users of Internet Explorer, this site works best in 'Compatibility View' (from the tools menu, Select Compatibility View). The disclaimer dialog must be accepted before the site can be accessed.

Dallas Fire Rescue (DFR)

Fire Station Locations -See for more details about DFR and Fire Stations

Dallas Police Department (DPD)

Contact DPD for information:

COMPSTAT|Crime Analysis Unit

Geographic Information (GIS)

Homeland Security & Tactical Intelligence Division

400 S. Lamar Street, 6th Floor

Dallas, Tx 75215


Public Works

Neighborhood Health Data

Some data sets are not distributed by City of Dallas GIS Services. This can be because the City does not own the data, because of security concerns, or for other reasons. Please, visit our Not City of Dallas Data webpage for potential sources of data sets not distributed by the City of Dallas GIS Services. Some of the more commonly requested data sets from this category are listed with links to obtain the data from the owners.

The other way to obtain City produced and owned data is through the Open Records (link) process.