Street Address or Intersection

Not intended for voter Eligibility Look-up

Street Address Format: [Number] StreetName [StreetType]

Intersection Format: StreetName [StreetType] {AND|&|@} CrossStreet [StreetType]




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Street Address Input format: [Number] [Prefix] StreetName [StreetType] (do not input Suffix)

Example: 1500 MARILLA ST

Different ways of entering Street Addresses:

  Enter Number and StreetName - 5100 OAK TREE
  Leave off Number - OAK TREE
  Enter part of StreetName - OAK
  Include StreetType - OAK TREE CIR

Intersection: StreetName [StreetType] {AND|&|@} StreetName [StreetType]


Different ways of entering Street Intersections:



The street name is the only required information. If you are not sure how to spell a StreetName, just input the first few letters and use the starts with option. A list of street names that start with those letters will be returned.

If you input just the StreetName, a list of all blocks with that StreetName will be returned.

Acceptable Prefixes are: N, S, E, W, NE, NW, SE, SW

Special Cases:

If StreetName includes a StreetType , such as CORINTH ST RD, put a period after the StreetName (i.e., CORINTH ST.)

To enter numeric StreetNames, such as 10TH, begin with a period (i.e., .10) and use the starts with option.

This application only locates information for addresses in the Dallas city limits.

List of StreetTypes.