Data Sets that are not distributed by City of Dallas GIS Services

Some data sets are not distributed by City of Dallas GIS Services. This can be because the City does not own the data, because of security concerns, or for other reasons. Some of the more commonly requested data sets from this category are listed with links to obtain the data from the owners.

North Central Council of Governments (NCTCOG)

North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) has many useful datasets for the 16-county area through its Regtional Data Center

Aerial Photography

The City of Dallas licenses the aerial photography that it uses through an interlocal agreement with the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG). It does not own the data and cannot distribute it.

North Central Texas Council of Governments - Digital Aerial Photography page.
Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS) - TNRIS has data, including aerial photography, available for download and purchase.
Census Data

The US Census Bureau has a wide range of data products available for download. The City does not distribute this data. The one exception is that the Census data used for the 2010 Redistricting of City Council Districts is made available for download from the City website on the Redistricting page.

United States Census Bureau
US Postal Service ZIP Codes and Carrier Routes

The US Postal Services (USPS) does not distribute ZIP code data in GIS format. ZIP codes, in fact, are not areas, per se, but rather collections of Carrier Routes. These routes and ZIP codes can change at any time and the City receives no notification of the changes. The USPS has different requirements and standards for addressing which do not always coincide with City purposes.

US Postal Service - ZIP Code Look Up page.
Law Enforcement/Crime Data

City GIS Services does not distribute Law Enforcement Data. Some data is available from the Dallas Police Department (DPD) Crime Information page (link below). DPD has asked that requests for their data be sent through the Open Records process.

Dallas Police Department - Crime Information page.

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Updated 2014-02-05